About us


Never stop learning, no limits in the search for knowledge and know-how.

Develop your curiosity.

Skills at the service of our pedagogy

  • Our pedagogical system is based on an expertise that enchants the development of educational content. Both written and video courses are controlled to ensure their quality.
  • Continuous improvement of knowledge transfer strategies through computer networks

Tutoring and individual mentoring tailored to your needs

  • Tutoring sessions are organized at the request of our subscribers. The organization of the tutorials is done beforehand in consultation with THENEURON.
  • We have a pool of experts of the different courses proposed by THENEURON.

A monitoring adapted to your profile

  • A personal adviser at your disposal helps you in the success of your studies and obtaining your exams.
  • Your skills are tracked and evaluated on a daily basis.

Do you need a tutor in any course?

Please contact us and we will put you at your disposal in short details.